Post event Press release: Cultural Evening @ Bonhams co-organised by HBA-UK


More than 100 guests of the London based multi-family office, GC Privé, including the Greek Ambassador to the Court of St James His Excellency Konstantinos Bikas and Mr Costas Dafos the Commercial Attaché of the Cyprus High Commission, enjoyed a cultural evening at Bonhams on Friday 22 April previewing the auctioneer’s forthcoming Greek Art sale on 26 April. Other distinguished guests included the Chairman of the Hellenic Bankers Association-UK Mr. Antonis Ntatzopoulos, and Ms. Eleni Bilmpili, responsible for the Greek Market at UBS Wealth Management.

After a short introduction from GC Privé’s co-founding partner, Louis Loizou, the guests heard from Bonhams Greek Art Specialist Olympia Pappa about some of the many famous Greek artists represented in the sale – among them, Georgios Jacobides, Spyros Volanakis, Vasilios Chatzis and members of the influential Thirties Generation Yiannis Tsarouchis and Nikos HadjikyriakosGhikas.

Olympia Pappa said “Being a country comprised of many islands, Greece’s seas have always played a vital role, both socio-economically and culturally. The power and beauty of the sea has been throughout time a great source of creative inspiration for Greek artists”.

Louis Loizou said “Greek modern art is the culmination of centuries of creativity and inspiration influenced not only by Greek heritage, but also by contemporary art movements. Leading Greek artists are globally renowned and appealing to an audience of international collectors and hence why we are excited to sponsor this private preview of the forthcoming auction”.

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Press release:

HBA-UK participates and contributes to Delphi Forum Summit 2016

The 1st annual conference “Delphi Economic Forum” took place at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece, between the 26th and the 28th of February 2016.

It engaged business, political and academic, and other top experts in an effort to address emerging challenges for Greece, influence the national and regional agendas and promote sustainable and socially responsible growth policies.

The agenda of the meeting covered 20 crucial issues, such as changes in international geopolitical balance of power and challenges facing the eastern Mediterranean region and Greece’s long-term growth outlook.

The Forum brought together more than 140 speakers from Greece, Europe and the United States covering the fields of politics, academics, enterprises and journalism as well as top government ministers, representatives from the main opposition party, European Commissioners, high-ranking officials from global institutions such as World Bank, European Investment Fund, the European Commission, OLAF and highly-influential international think tanks.

Hellenic Bankers Association UK was special contributor to the Summit with its ExCo members participating and contributing to the discussion.

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Public Lecture with Louka Katseli on Lessons from the Greek crisis,28.01.2016

Speaker : Louka Katseli
Chair, National Bank of Greece and Hellenic Banking Association and Professor, University of Athens, Department of Economics
Welcome address: Antonis Ntatzopoulos
Chairman, Hellenic Bankers Association-UK
Chair : Prof Kevin Featherstone
Head of the European Institute, LSE
Date : Thursday, 28 January 2016
Venue : Old Theatre, LSE
Time : 18.30-20.00



The Greek crisis which erupted in 2009 and is still underway will undoubtedly be the subject of many analyses and studies in the years to come. Economists, political scientists, public policy analysts and experts on European governance and policy making will continue to debate the nature and origins of the crisis, the effectiveness of the policies pursued by successive Greek governments and the role of the international creditors (EC-ECB-IMF). In view of the fact that such crises are likely to reoccur in the future in the context of the Eurozone, it is important to draw some pertinent lessons from the Greek  crisis that could pertain to other Eurozone member countries, with a special focus on the interplay between growth, sustainable public finances and social protection systems.

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Ordinary General Meeting, 8 January 2016

Ordinary General Meeting,  8 January 2016

The Hellenic Bankers Association UK (HBA-UK) is pleased to announce that Mr Antonis Ntatzopoulos has been elected as the new Chairman of the Association (2016-2017), following the completion of the Ordinary General Meeting proceedings on 8 January 2016.

Mr Stratos Chatzigiannis (previous Chairman of the Association for 2014-2015) will support the Association through his capacity as Vice Chairman continuing his contribution to the Association over the last 15 years.

The outgoing Board has bolstered the standing of the Association in the London Finance community. It has been successfully trusted as a partner of choice through events, with the participation of high profile speakers from academic, governmental and business background. It has been catalytic for a two-way exchange on the interests of UK-based bankers and financial professionals of Hellenic origin, as well as in providing a platform to connect younger individuals with established members of the Association.

The following regular members of the Association form the newly elected Executive Committee, and have been allocated the below mentioned offices, unanimously, amongst the members of the Executive Committee:

Chairman – Antonis Ntatzopoulos

Vice Chairman – Stratos Chatzigiannis

Treasurer – Louis Loizou

General & Membership Secretary – Georgia Galouzidi

Member – Mary-Irene Alexandrakis

Member – Emmanuel Androulakis

Member – George Ercan

Member – Viki Fotopoulou

Member – Athanasios Karagiannidis

HBA Membership 2016

The Hellenic Banker Association UK (HBA) would like to invite you to re-new your annual HBA membership for 2016. Existing individual memberships have now expired.

We look forward to your supporting and strengthening the link with the Association and the rest of the members.

Kind regards,
The Executive Committee HBA-UK

LSE-HO-HBA Panel Discussion: Is austerity winning the argument on ‘euro-zone’ recovery? Can the solutions to the crisis also be socially just?

Date Thursday, 30 April 2015
Time 18:30 – 20:00
Venue Old Theatre, Old Building, LSE
Chair Professor Kevin Featherstone, Hellenic Observatory Director, LSE;  Eleftherios Venizelos Professor of Contemporary Greek Studies & Professor of European Politics
Opening Speakers Paul Mason, Economics Editor, Channel 4 News
John Milios,  Member of the Central Committee of SYRIZA; Professor of Political Economy, National Technical University of Athens
Holger Schmieding, Chief Economist, Berenberg Bank,
Miranda Xafa
, Senior Scholar, CIGI and Former Member of the IMF Executive Board

The debt crisis has provoked fierce debate over the best solutions for a return to growth on a sustainable basis. Some see ‘austerity’ as a necessary corrective, others feel this incurs unnecessary and profound social pain. Greece is the acute case in these respects: a test for euro-zone strategy and a challenge to political and social cohesion. The panellists addressed these issues from different perspectives, followed by a Q&A session.

New HBA-UK Executive Committee, 29 November 2011

Following the inaugural meeting of the new Executive Committee, the following offices have been allocated unanimously amongst the members of the Executive Committee:

Chairman – Christos Megalou
Vice Chairman – Stratos Chatzigiannis
Treasurer – Vassiliki Campbell
Events Secretary – Effie Geraki
Membership Secretary – Louis Loizou
General Secretary – Georgia Galouzidi
Member – Antonis Ntatzopoulos
Member – Mary-Irene Alexandrakis
Member – George Ercan

Yours Sincerely,

The Executive Committee
Hellenic Bankers Association – UK