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If you work in the financial services industry in the UK and are of Hellenic origin, you are eligible for membership and we kindly invite you to apply.


The benefits include:
– Access to our exclusive high profile events
– Discounts for flag ship seminars
– Early access tickets for industry gatherings
– Behind-the-scenes access to some of the world’s leading banking figures
– Professional development through growing network opportunities

Applications for membership are subject to approval by our Executive Committee. If you have any questions about the process, please get in touch with us at You can choose



Regular Membership: Regular Members are eligible to vote, hold office, and enjoy all benefits. You must be based in the UK and work in the financial services industry to apply.

Senior Membership: You must have worked for at least 15 years in the financial services industry and/or reached the level of Managing Director/Partner to qualify.

Associate Membership: is open to professionals and/or academics who work in sectors relevant to the financial services industry but are not directly involved.

People who have previously worked in the financial industries and recently changed their careers are welcome to apply for membership too, provided they have worked in the UK in the financial services industry for a minimum period of 12 consecutive months.


Corporate Membership is subject to availability and open to organisations who are interested in supporting progress in Greece and beyond. If your organisation is interested in becoming a Corporate Member please contact to find out more.



The membership fee is calculated per calendar year (01.01 – 31.12)

Regular and Associate Members pay GBP 30.00, Senior Members GBP 50.00 and for details on Corporate Membership please contact




Please make sure you meet our criteria before applying.

You need to fill out this form and follow the steps with Paypal who will process your payment. Then you’ll receive an email confirming your registration request. Once payment has been received and your application has been granted, you will receive a second email with your login details. Welcome! Should your application not be approved your payment will be refunded in full and you will receive an email confirming your account was rejected.


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