Ordinary General Meeting – 8 January 2016

Ordinary General Meeting – 8 January 2016

Ordinary General Meeting,  8 January 2016

The Hellenic Bankers Association UK (HBA-UK) is pleased to announce that Mr Antonis Ntatzopoulos has been elected as the new Chairman of the Association (2016-2017), following the completion of the Ordinary General Meeting proceedings on 8 January 2016.

Mr Stratos Chatzigiannis (previous Chairman of the Association for 2014-2015) will support the Association through his capacity as Vice Chairman continuing his contribution to the Association over the last 15 years.

The outgoing Board has bolstered the standing of the Association in the London Finance community. It has been successfully trusted as a partner of choice through events, with the participation of high profile speakers from academic, governmental and business background. It has been catalytic for a two-way exchange on the interests of UK-based bankers and financial professionals of Hellenic origin, as well as in providing a platform to connect younger individuals with established members of the Association.

The following regular members of the Association form the newly elected Executive Committee, and have been allocated the below mentioned offices, unanimously, amongst the members of the Executive Committee:

Chairman – Antonis Ntatzopoulos

Vice Chairman – Stratos Chatzigiannis

Treasurer – Louis Loizou

General & Membership Secretary – Georgia Galouzidi

Member – Mary-Irene Alexandrakis

Member – Emmanuel Androulakis

Member – George Ercan

Member – Viki Fotopoulou

Member – Athanasios Karagiannidis