Press Release: John Chrystoulakis and Hellenic Organisations

Press Release: John Chrystoulakis and Hellenic Organisations


The Hellenic Bankers Association – UK (HBA-UK) hosted a gathering with the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prof. John Chrysoulakis and representatives of all active Hellenic organisations in London.

London, 3 February 2020 –  The Hellenic Bankers Association – UK (HBA-UK) hosted a gathering with the Secretary General for Greeks Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prof. John Chrysoulakis and representatives of all active Hellenic organisations in London on Sunday the 2nd of February.

The event took place at the Archdiocese under the auspices of His Eminence Archbishop Nikitas of Thyateira and Great Britain and in the presence of Messrs Dimitrios Caramitsos-Tziras (Greek Ambassador in the UK), Athanasios Rizos (Head of Consular Office in the Greek Embassy in the UK), Gerasimos Lazaridis (the Commercial and Economic Attaché of the Greek Embassy in the UK) and Costas Dafos (Commercial Attaché at the Cyprus High Commission).

The purpose of the event was to exchange views on ways that the various Hellenic organisations could strengthen their cooperation and work closely with the Church and the State to better serve Greek community in the UK. It has been attended by 28 organisations and the presentation of each organisation has broadcasted live via HBA-UK’s page on Facebook. More similar events will follow in the future.

The organisations attended on this occasion were the following:

  • AHEPA London Apollon Chapter
  • AHEPA Westminster Lord Byron
  • All About Shipping
  • Association of Constantinopolitan Greeks in the UK
  • Daughters of Penelope
  • Greek Energy Forum
  • Lykion ton Ellinidon
  • Hellenic Bankers Association – UK
  • Hellenic Centre
  • Hellenic Engineers Society of Great Britain
  • Hellenic Medical Society
  • Hellenic Law Association
  • Hellenic Society of Professional People and Scientists in the UK
  • Greek Academics
  • Greek Archaeological Committee UK
  • LSE Hellenic Observatory
  • Oxford South East European Studies (SEESOX Diaspora)
  • Oinoussai Benevolent Fund
  • LSE Hellenic Society
  • National Federation of Cypriot Students
  • Protoporia UK
  • Reload Greece
  • Greeks Connect
  • Greek List
  • Thyateira Union
  • The Hellenic Initiative (THI) New Leaders
  • World Organisation for Young Overseas Cypriots


Note to Editors:

Hellenic Bankers Association – UK

Founded in 1994, the Hellenic Bankers Association UK (HBA-UK) is a non-profit think tank that promotes a closer cooperation amongst bankers, investors and other finance professionals based in the United Kingdom.

HBA-UK is involved in thought leadership activities by organising industry leading forums to debate innovative ideas. It promotes social responsibility via initiatives such as the HBA-UK student award and career development opportunities through panel discussions and networking banking events.

Currently, HBA-UK has approximately 500 active members in the City of London, a membership which has been the most pristine reflection of professionalism, model corporate citizenship and hard work ethics. The Association, which constitutes the most important communications and networking platform for the Greeks of the financial and banking sector in the financial capital of Europe, is seeking to actively participate in transnational economic and business activities and to be on the front line of the developments on issues related not only to the industry internationally but also to the Greek economy and entrepreneurship.

HBA-UK’s steady growth and successful activity showcases its pivotal role as an attracting point and interconnection carrier between the London financial centre and the Greek political, economic and business community. In recent years, the Association’s successful official events have hosted leading business, economic and political personalities from the United Kingdom, United States, Europe, Greece and Cyprus for matters mainly concerning the Greek and Cypriot economies.

Leading figures participating in the Association’s events include Messrs: Theodoros Skylakakis, Yannis Stournaras, Christos Megalou, Anastasia Sakellariou, Poul Thomsen, Kevin Featherstone, Sabina Dziurman, Constantinos Herodotou, Alon Anver, Averof Neofytou, Panicos Nicolaou, Evgenios Evgeniou, Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, George Papakonstantinou, George Alogoskoufis, Petros Doukas, Spyros Capralos, Philippos Kosteletos, Apostolos Tamvakakis, Takis Arapoglou, Nikos Christodoulakis and Stefanos Manos among others.

More information can be found in HBA-UK’s website at