Hellenic Bankers Association UK


The Association was established on Wednesday the 25th of May 1994. Its founders were George P. Matsakas (the initiator) and Kleanthis G. Kotsiofides with George Solomonides.

The original HBA-UK logo

The proposed Articles of the draft Constitution, the Name and Logo presented to the Meeting (on the 25th May 1994) were all adopted by a core membership of 31 (thirty one) registered members. The same membership elected the First Executive Committee of
9 (nine) Members for a two year term.

First Executive Committee (1994-1996)

The First Committee

The First Executive Committee (1994-1996) comprised of the following Members:

  • George MATSAKAS (Chairman)
  • Kleanthis KOTSIOFIDES (Vice Chairman)
  • George SOLOMONIDES (Treasurer)
  • Evangelos ACHILLEOS (General Secretary)
  • Stelios PARIKOS (Public Relations)


  • Marianna DELLAPORTA
  • Panagiotis PETRI
  • Andreas STYLIANOU

A number of events were organised during the first 2 year term and approximately sixty members joined the Association.

View of the first meeting for the establishment of the Association

The Challenges Overcome

The founding committee found early on many challenges, namely the need to bring together and leading a handful of equally committed individuals that were also prepared to work hard, devote time and effort to prepare from scratch, all that it was needed to present a credible proposition for the establishment of a Hellenic Bankers Association.

Welcome speech by George MATSAKAS (Chairman)

They immediately faced the need to identify the growing number of Bankers of Greek origin as potential members and reach out to establish the first network. Last of all, there was even greater need in convincing our compatriot colleagues in the UK that we genuinely wished to bring together Bankers of similar background and roots often working for competing institutions and ultimately to strike a delicate balance of maintaining a transparent and fair organisation, in a highly competitive industry.

The rest, as they say, is history, but the founding principles still live on in the HBA-UK today.